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www.meps.careers is a new Canadian worldwide employment website for job listings.

Give employers direct acces

Give employers what they need to get talent fast: direct access to post their own job listings, manage them, and manage applications themselves.
Powered by WPJobBoard & supported by a specialized engineering website www.mechanicalengineerpartnership.com.

Employers Can Post and Edit Jobs Directly 24/7

Employers can also iterate by themselves on the appearance of specific job listings, changing titles and job requirements as many times as they like, reducing support costs for job board owners and administrators.

Employers Manage Their Own Listing Statuses

They can view old listings, mark current listings filled and schedule new listings to go live at some time in the future.  They can even republish old listings. What’s even better is how these features are able to be turned off or on for employers through WPJobBoard’s easy to configure administrative interface.

Employers See Per-Listing Short Lists of Applicants

Every job applicant has their application information stored to the database in WPJobBoard. This gives employers the power to log in to their portal and focus on candidates who’ve applied to jobs, one job at a time. Shortlists of applicants who’ve all applied to one job are easily viewed through WPJobBoard’s Employer Portals with one click.

The Self-Service Features of WordPress Keep Employers and Administrators Happy

WordPress is the foundation that WPJobBoard is built on. Employers don’t only get to take advantage of the easy-to-use interfaces of WordPress, but they also benefit from the strong self-service features of WordPress too. This means administrators will have to spend less time training – interfaces are highly intuitive and require no coding knowledge. Administrators will also love the self-service strengths of WordPress’ “I forgot my password” feature that lets users reset their own passwords in a safe manner without administrator help.